The cooking of Garai Restaurant has got the characteristics of the Basque Cuisine and it rests into two fundamental pillars: our selected products and our neat way of cooking. This way we obtain the authentic flavor of our products served with taste but without affectations.

Our cooking is well known by our sane prejudice of fussing over, in a delicious way, the selection of our prime materials. The milk, eggs and the vegetables are from the surrounding country houses; the fishes come fresh every day ... We have homemade pastries.

When we cook we put our culinary techniques at stake together with our full knowledge of the basis of the cooking, something we apply to all our dishes.

Besides our usual dishes there are other dishes characteristic of each season, for both, traditional and Basque new cuisine.

Who sits in our restaurant tables will enjoy a cooking deeply rooted in the most traditional products and recipes, but with a modern approach adaptable to current palates and requirements.