Garai Restaurant takes its name from the town is located. Garai is a small town of the province of Biscay, with an extension of 7,1 km.2 and located in the region of Durango -in the municipal district of Berriz, Iurreta and Abadiño-; under the slope of Oiz Mountain, in one of the most privilege surroundings of our geography. The region of Durango holds small and interesting routes and places to enjoy the Nature, a place to escape and contemplate its beautiful landscapes.

The Restaurant Garai is located in the center of the town where one can observe the whole region.

From here we invite you to came and meet our history, monuments and local festivities.



Garai was a Mayor Council town located in the District of Durango under its own local law regime. It was governed by a governor with seat and voting power in the Guerediaga county commission.

Its population was divided into two districts both addressed to the typical agricultural activities: harvests of corn, wheat, vegetables, legumes, cherries, and also the harvest of apples and chestnuts up in the highest areas.

Two parish independent and separated churches form its jurisdiction. The one of Saint Michael, founded at the beginning of XVI century, was subsidiary of Saint Torcuato of Abadiño for transaction in 1955; this one was served by a priest imposed by the marquis of Montara as patron saint. In its congregation a hermitage was erected devoted to Saint John Baptist of Momoitio. The second parish was dedicated to Saint John Evangelist and was erected as a sacramental church towards 1550 with license of patron saint of the headquarters of Saint John in Berriz, Andrés López de Gamboa. It was attended by a favored of such district, introduced in XVIII century by the royal landlord, widowed of Pedro de Villareal de Berriz.

The house of Doñaituri built in its own district the hermitage of Saint Catalina Virgin and martyr in 1773.


Saint Michael’s Church was founded at the beginning of XVI century it’s built in ashlars’ stone; its bell tower belongs to the Renaissance period.

The Palace of Gratikoa. In its façade one can notice a wide inscription (upon the large window) which informs that it was built in 1574 by Juan of Garai and its son Lope, descendants of lineage of Urretxa of Suso.

The splendid surroundings of the area of Garai are reflected in the hillside of the Mountain Oiz where one can found plentiful lands and wonderful places. Continuing walking up to the house of the forest ranger one can found a very pleasant place just in the middle of the mountain, perfectly equipped with bench, tables and barbeques.


Saint John’s Baptist. The 24th of June. Mass celebration in the hermitage of the necropolis of Saint John.

Santiago Apostle. The 25th of July. Holy Mass in the Church of Sain Michael and traditional procession to Elizaberri with the image of Santiago, carried on the shoulders of a group of Basque dancers, whom will page homage to the Saint in the town hall square dancing the "Agintaria", and the "Gernikado Arbola" (native dance of Garai).

Saint Anne. The 26th of July. Holy Mass in Elizaberri’s Church. After mass the image of Santiago will be again carried on the shoulders of a group of Basque dancers, whom will page homage to the Saint in the church of Saint Michael dancing the "Agintaria", and the "Gernikado Arbola" (native dance of Garai).

Saint Ignacio. 31st of July. Holy mass and end of local festivities.